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"I get constant migraines but have seen several specialists. Could I possibly have allergies?"

ZocdocAnswersI get constant migraines but have seen several specialists. Could I possibly have allergies?


I'm 22 and male and I have gotten terrible migraines on a regular basis (about twice a week) for years. I have seen several specialists and have had everything from sleeping habits to my eating habits questioned and everything from head to toe scanned. So far nothing has ever been suggested. Could this be due to allergies? Should I see an allergy specialist?


Allergies, especially nasal allergies (allergic rhinitis) or sinus congestion can cause headaches. This is because inflammation and mucus plug up the passages that normally allow fluid to drain out of the sinuses back into the nasal passages. The build up of fluid causes pressure which can feel like a headache, primarily located in the forehead or cheeks. If you think you have allergies, this should definitely be diagnosed. However, you do not need to see an allergy specialist; your primary care doctor can diagnose this problem easily. However, a sinus headache or allergy headache is different from a migraine, both in the typical location of the pain and also the type of pain and other associated symptoms. Although you are right that basic things like sleep habits and eating habits do play into the control of migraines, most people with severe or recurrent migraines (for example, twice a week is quite frequently!) need to take medications to control the migraines. There are numerous 'prophylactic' medications which are taken on a daily basis and work to prevent the migraine pains from coming so frequently. They are often quite effective, and they are recommended for people in exactly you situations. Talk to your primary care doctor about this .

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