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"Why do I have these massive headaches?"


I'm a 21 year old male with no history of having any major headaches, but lately I've been having some problems with the way ive been feeling. Ive been recieving major headaches which has been giving me a hard time with my vision as far as seeing bright things. At first, i thought it was because i needed a pair of glasses, but now ive got a pair and they still occur often. Is there something i could do about this?


Headaches are extremely common and they are usually fairly benign. However there are several serious causes of headache, including tumors in and bleeding into the brain. Therefore, whenever someone is experiencing new severe headaches it is important for them to see their primary care doctor as soon as possible to determine if additional workup is needed.

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Other symptoms that would be more concerning for a serious problem would include headache that wakes you up in the middle of the night, serious nausea and vomiting, dizziness, weakness, or clumsiness or lack of coordination. After your primary care doctor examines you, if they determine there is no serious cause for concern then the next most likely possibilities are that you have either tension headaches or migraine headaches. Given the fact that your eyes are sensitive to bright light when you have the headache, this makes migraine a more likely possibility. Fortunately, your doctor will be able to counsel you on some lifestyle measures that you can take to diminish the headaches and there are also prescription medications that can be used both to treat the headaches and to decrease their frequency. Start by setting up an appointment with your primary care doctor!

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