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"How long can I go with a cracked tooth if I have no pain or other symptoms?"


I cracked a molar, it is jagged, but doesn't bother me.


So sorry to hear that you have broken one of your teeth. The unfortunate problem with this is that you will need to seek the care of a dentist, given that the protective covering of your enamel has now been violated. Without this enamel, it is only a manner of time until the root of the tooth becomes infected with the same bacteria that caused the destruction of the first tooth, and are so prevalent in the mouth.

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Because of that, you should see a dentist soon to have the tooth removed or repaired quickly before you end up needing further intervention such as a root canal or other more invasive--and more expensive--procedure. Please arrange for an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to discuss the appropriate treatment at this time, whether that be a bridge or some other treatment.

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