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"How can I get rid of small blemishes, especially around my mouth?"


I'm a 49 year old post menopausal woman. I have noticed in the last few years I get small blemishes, most notably around my mouth. Is there something I can do to help clear it up and keep it clear? Presently I just keep my face clean and keep a watchful eye for any sign of something. I have used acne type cream My cheeks are somewhat rosacea-like or "Irish" look. Do I need to see a doctor, if so would I see my primary doctor or a specialist?


There are many things that can cause a ruddy facial pigmentation (doctors often call it "plethoric"), some of which are medical issues and some of which are your natural birthright. As you are dealing with this issue so regularly and are obviously wanting an improvement over the normal appropriate hygiene that you are currently doing, it might be best to start with a visit to a dermatologist, or skin doctor. He or she will be able to discuss your past medical history and determine if there is any medical reason to be concerned about these small facial blemishes.

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After that, they will also be able to offer suggestions for how to improve the overall effect. Without more information (especially just looking at the spots and your face themselves), it is difficult to say what is the specific inciting event in these blemishes. Depending on your past history of sun exposure, as well as your family history of skin lesions, it is possible that these small spots could be related to exposure to the elements. In some cases, these can be concerning signs that precede skin cancer, although these are less likely to "come and go" as you describe your blemishes. Please see a dermatologist for more information.

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