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"Why do I sweat so much?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I sweat so much?


Im am a 24 year old female who suffers from sweating profusely. I used to be overweight all through middle school and high school, which is when I noticed all the extra sweating, so I made a doctors appointment. The doctor told me I was over weight and that might be the cause of the sweating. I have lost 110 lbs. and am at a healthy weight and am still sweating just as much. Why do I sweat so much and can it be stopped?


There are a few questions that may help elucidate what is the underlying cause of your increased sweating or hyperhidrosis. After your weight loss, are you now at a normal healthy weight? Do you find that you have increased sweating at all times, or is this related to times of anxiety or stress? Do you have increased sweating in the axilla only or in other areas including your hands and face? These are all important questions that you should bring up with your primary care doctor because this information, along with your medical history and clinical presentation will help him or her decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include lab tests or imaging studies, and he or she may decide to refer you to a specialist. In any case, if you are not currently overweight, your history of obesity should not be the cause of your current hyperhidrosis although it may explain why you had it in the past. If it is found to be related to underlying stress or anxiety, there are treatment options available that will treat the stress and anxiety and this may decrease your hyperhidrosis. If it is found that this may be normal, then there are treatment options for this, but it is important to be evaluated by your primary care doctor who can decide upon the appropriate treatment options if available.

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