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"What causes certain places on the body to erupt into something similar to a boil?"


In the crevices of my arms and legs where it joins the torso fluid collects and erupts eventually. Best description is like a boil. It starts small, is very sore and then to relieve the pain it must be lanced to release the matter. This condition has been present on and off most of the adult's life. Doctor said it was "bad skin". Female, 45 years old. No known cause or cure. Just endured. Other skin issues like crusting behind ears, toes. What is the cause? What can eliminate this condition? What is it?


I am sorry to hear that this problem has been going on a long time without any resolution. There are several different possibilities and I would suggest talking to your primary care doctor as soon as possible to see if something can be done. One possibility would simply be that you have sensitive skin and that you are experiencing breakdown of the skin due to moisture in these areas.

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Treating this could involve keeping the skin clean and dry and applying a good barrier cream such as a petroleum jelly product. Additionally, you may have a sensitivity to some personal care product you are using, and you might want to think if these outbreaks are associated with any particular brand of soap, etc. It is also important to think about any additional medical conditions you have. For example diabetes often predisposes to skin infections, especially fungal infections, which can occur in the areas you are describing. If so, it would be important to get those conditions under control in order to best promote healthy skin. Occasionally, infected areas of skin can occur, which appear red, swollen, warm, and painful to the touch. If you have these kinds of symptoms, you should seek immediate medical help.

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