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"Why do my feet feel cold, but are not cold to the touch?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my feet feel cold, but are not cold to the touch?


i am a 48 year old woman.For the last 4 weeks at night my feet cold but when i touch them they feel warm. it happens only at night.could this cause by stress in my life? i work full time during the day. on feet all day long.i am not taking any medications for this problem.


A feeling of cold in a specific body part is an interesting complaint. Temperature regulation is a complex issue in your body. At a whole-body level, it is controlled by various parts of your brain as well as your thyroid gland and thyroid hormone levels. These interact with local elements of your body to affect your overall temperature. Blood vessels will dilate and contract as needed to allow your body to heat and cool itself appropriately. Your complaint of only a subjective coolness on the inside is therefore interesting. Possible options would be better identified with a physical examination and the asking of more questions about additional symptoms such as numbness or tingling. Additionally, as a woman nears the age of menopause (with an average age of 51 for most women), there are subjective changes in temperature that are extremely common and variable from woman to woman. It is possible that your symptoms can be explained in that manner, and it is also possible that you are having another cause entirely. Please speak with your doctor if you have any other symptoms or if the condition persists so that he or she can fully discuss the surrounding details and make an appropriate diagnosis as needed.

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