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"What does transient reaction mean in relation to my platelets being elevated?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does transient reaction mean in relation to my platelets being elevated?


I am a 27 year old female. I just saw the doctor for feelings of chronic fatigue and depressed mood for approximately three weeks prior. He ordered blood work to be completed. When my lab results came back, my doctor informed me that I had a Vitamin D deficiency, and that my platelets were elevated. He prescribed me 150,000 units of Vitamin D to take one time per week for four weeks. When I questioned him about my elevated platelets further, he stated that it was most likely caused from a transient reaction, and that my platelets should level themselves off.


Platelets are small cell fragments that help with blood clotting and last in the blood stream for less than two weeks. Your body makes platelets at a set rate that is increased in times of stress or infection. Although there can be increased clotting with very elevated platelet counts, it is very common for young healthy people to have mildly elevated platelet counts during times of stress that normalize after several weeks. There are no serious effects of mildly elevated platelets. If you are concerned about your platelet count or other aspects of your health, make an appointment to discuss them with your doctor. He will be able to discuss your concerns and explain the details of your case and management in a way that should reassure you.

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