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"Why do I have facial warts?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have facial warts?


I am a 30 years old.I have this problem with facial warts.Initially i had these tiny dot like warts on my face which i got treated with a laser treatment from my dermatologist.Then last year i had this big wart on my cheek i got even that removed.All this treatment i got it done from a doctor in my home country.Now after i migrated to America again i have got this wart which is i feel is growing.I showed to my family doctor and she suggested salicylic acid.I used that but felt like it was not working.Then i used liquid nitrogen now though the wart has gone upto 95% its still there please suggest further how to completely get rid of my wart and how to avoid them in future.


Warts (verrucae, as they are called by doctors) on any body part are an annoyance that can also be embarrassing, and even more so when they are on the face. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available. Many people have warts, and they are especially common in skin areas that have been exposed to trauma in the past. More than half of all warts will go away by themselves within 2 years, but it is also unfortunately common that many of these will then later recur. Human papilloma viruses are the causative virus, and these viruses are prevalent in many areas of the world. If you suffer from some other condition or take medications that decrease the effectiveness of your immune system, warts are more likely to recur as well. You have already attempted multiple methods without success, and feel that the wart is growing. Many warts will require repeated treatment attempts, often with the same products, before they completely resolve. Continued therapy is therefore often effective. Because this wart is on your face, however, it might be a good idea to speak with a dermatologist, so as to optimize your outcome quickly and without leaving a scar or other blemish.

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