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"Why do I have a clotting disorder?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have a clotting disorder?


I am 19 with a clotting disorder that I don't know the real name of. As far as I know the only people in my family that has had clots are my grandfather and my mother. My grandfather past when I was two. I am not sure of what though because my mother never told me. My mother has only had clots in her legs and only when she was pregnant. I'm not pregnant and my clots like to form in my lungs. I am on arixtra. Is it genetic?


There are a number of clotting disorders that are genetic and passed on from parent to child. These disorders may be due to a deficiency in one of the several clotting factors that make up the normal clotting cascade, or may be due to a mutation in the gene that results in an abnormal form or function of one of the clotting factors. Each one of these mutations or deficiencies increases the risk of developing a blood clot to some degree in comparison to a person with a normal clotting system; the amount of increased risk is higher with some specific mutations or deficiencies. Since your family history is so strong and you have already developed blood clots in your lungs, the most likely scenario is that you were born with this clotting disorder. It is not uncommon for clotting disorders to be diagnosed during pregnancy, as this is thought to be a state in which women are "hypercoagulable" and more likely to form blood clots, whether they have a predisposition to forming clots or not.

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