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"Why does my jaw hurt when I wake up in the morning?"


I'm a single 28 year old male. When I wake up in the morning the back of my jaw hurts. I cannot tell if it's my teeth or my jaw. I can't tell if it's from me grinding my teeth or maybe a cavity or my wisdom teeth coming in? My dentist never told me about my wisdom teeth coming in so maybe they're just coming in now. I'm not taking any medications, so it could be a physical thing with grinding, stress, wisdom teeth, cavities, etc.


Sounds like you have already made an excellent list of possible diagnosis and problems, at least as much as you will be able to learn from an online source without providing more information. The most likely cause of jaw pain in the morning is nocturnal bruxism, or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Your dentist, as you are aware, can often notice signs of this in your teeth and can make appropriate recommendations such as wearing a mouth guard while you sleep.

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It is also entirely appropriate to bring these questions up with him or her even if they do not initiate the conversation. Wisdom teeth, in general, are not a significant source of jaw pain, although it is definitely a possibility. Stress, as you mention, will often cause people to clench their jaw, which can also cause some of the same symptoms as grinding your teeth. The best thing to do with many of these new pains is to try and alter any possible causes, and then to see a health professional if the pain continues despite your best efforts. You could try avoiding caffeine, stressful situations, and other issues that could cause you to clench or grind your teeth, and then discuss this issue with your dentist if problem persists.

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