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" I have some lumps under my skin and they are growin what can they be?"

ZocdocAnswers I have some lumps under my skin and they are growin what can they be?


These lumps are under the skin on my back and at my gluts I will like to know what they are


There are many possibilities for what could be causing your symptoms. It is impossible for me to make a diagnosis without a skin examination but I will discuss some potential causes of skin bumps. It is very important for you to see your primary care doctor or dermatologist to discuss your symptoms and have a thorough skin examination. Depending on the diagnosis, your doctor may prescribe medication or possibly take a biopsy of one of the lumps. One possible explanation for your symptoms are cysts. There are different types of cysts including sebaceous and epidermal inclusion cysts. A cyst is a closed sac which is benign. They can sometimes become infected. Depending on the type and the symptoms, they can be observed or removed surgically. Another possibility for your lumps is lipomas, or fatty deposits under the skin. They can also be observed or, if warranted, removed surgically. Another common reason for lumps under the skin are ingrown or infected hair follicles. These might appear more like pimples and can sometimes be painful. Occasionally antibiotics are needed to clear the rash. Until you see a doctor, it is important to never pick at any of these lumps on your skin as this can lead to infection.

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