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"Which organs does melanoma most commonly affect"

ZocdocAnswersWhich organs does melanoma most commonly affect


Have already had metastasis in the lymph nodes of neck


I am very sorry you have received this diagnosis. The finding of melanoma metastasis in the lymph nodes raises the likely possibility that the cancer cells have reached other parts or the body. If the lymph nodes are the only place that it has been found, then you have stage 3 of 4 disease. The goals of cancer therapy are to keep the melanoma cells which have escaped into the body from dividing and prevent growth of any new tumors. Newer therapies including targeted antibodies and immunotherapies have shown some success with melanoma. When metastasis occurs, It is also one of the few cancers that can go to any part of the body including the abdomen, the liver, the lung, the bone, and the brain. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your oncologist. He or she will be able to discuss what treatment options you have available to you at this time. If you wish, you doctor can also discuss the issue of prognosis, if this information is currently available. Because melanoma is an area of active research, you may be best served by seeking care from a physician at an academic medical center so that you can be included in any clinical trials that come along. Good luck.

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