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"Why do my knees sqeak and hurt in the cold wheather?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my knees sqeak and hurt in the cold wheather?


I am a 28 year old single male. I played baseball for most of my life as a catcher and have been and avid skier. Whenever it gets cold my knees start to ache and make cracking noises. I have never had a major problem with my knees i.e acciedent or injury just a lot of overuse. what is wrong with my kness?


You may be developing premature arthritis or another similar problem due to all of your sports activities. Although you can't identify any single major injury to the knees, all of the cumulative stress from your years of sports may be adding up. It is worth talking to your primary care doctor about this problem. Cold tends to aggravate knee pain for many people. Although it doesn't tend objectively to increase for example knee swelling what it does do is sensitize people to the pain stimulus, and therefore pain tends to be perceived as worse with weather changes. A physical examination by your doctor will help identify if there has been any significant damage to the major ligaments in the knee. If there have been, obviously this will require referral to a knee specialist for further treatment. On the other hand, if there has not been any major ligamentous damage, you could still have a chronic overuse injury to the knees, such as chondromalacia (also known as runner's knee). This tends to develop in active people, and it can often be treated by resting from most sports activities together with some focused strengthening exercises for certain muscle groups in the leg.

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