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Why are my thighs itchy with dark bumps?

I'm a 19 year old student with a pretty bad diet. I have allergies and have had a history of excema since I was young. Ever since my shower the other morning I have had very dry skin in the area and after scratching it frequently, my legs have developed dark red bumps and they are kind of painful. It isn't like any excema I've ever experienced.
I suggest that you see our primary care doctor who will be able to help you deal with this. It is possible that this is simply eczema which is more inflamed and itchy than usual. However, it sound more like you may be developing a skin infection. This is very common in people with eczema, as the breaks in the skin and dryness caused by eczema predisposes to infections of the skin on top of the eczema. The fact that you are developing dark red bumps that are painful suggests folliculitis or boils. You should try to avoid scratching or otherwise manipulating these areas, as this will make it worse. You may want to apply a topical antibiotic ointment as well. If the areas spread or become more red or painful, or if there is fever or other concerning symptoms, you should seek immediate medical care. In the future, it sounds like you need to think about how to get your eczema under better control. Again, your primary care doctor can help with this, but it sounds like you need to use a daily moisturizing ointment (something like hydrolated petrolatum) and that you probably also need some steroid creams to keep the worst areas under control.
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