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"Do chiropractic methods help with kids' ear infections?"

ZocdocAnswersDo chiropractic methods help with kids' ear infections?


My 14-month old has had 5 ear infections since he was 6 months old—most recently it was ampicillin resistant so we've had to pull out the big antibiotic guns. The doctors mentioned the possibility of ear tubes, but it seems a pretty complicated and invasive procedure. I've also heard about a chiropractic alternative that works on improving fluid flow to avoid the ears being filled with fluid. Is this alternative something that has been documented and/or recommended?


So sorry to hear that you are having to deal with ear infections in your child. It is always sad to watch your baby suffer, and ear infections are so common! As for ear tubes, while you never want your baby to have surgery unless it is absolutely necessary, you will be pleased to know that the procedure itself is very, very common, very quick, and extremely well tolerated by kids. It is so fast that many of the ear-nose-and throat surgeons that do the surgery will do it without even intubating the child (in other words, they don't even use a breathing tube, they just hold a mask to your child's mouth and nose to help them breathe). There are specific indications, or reasons, to do the surgery, and it sounds as if your son is definitely a candidate, and that it would help to decrease his pain in the future. As for chiropractic methods to deal with improving fluid flow, you should know that you will receive much information from many sides. As physicians and surgeons, we tend to rely on evidence and research before making recommendations. Other fields of study do not rely on science, and thus are unable to prove that what they do really works. While I have never heard of this specific procedure done by chiropractors, I would be very doubtful that it would work, as there is no scientific or anatomical reason for it to be valid. Please see an ear-nose-and throat surgeon (aka otolaryngologist) for further recommendations.

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