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"Is there a way to get rid if acne everywhere naturally?"


I am 13 years old and I am a girl. I have acne problems that I sure don't want. I get a lot of zits, and when I use medication (tropical) that is a subscription from my doctor, it does cure some zits on my face, but more seem to break out. I want to know why this happens. Also, I want to know if you get acne on areas like just above your breast and back, how can you get rid of those naturally?


In girls your age, acne can be a really tough problem to face. It sounds like you have taken the right first step by using a topical medication prescribed by your doctor. Most likely, that medication you are taking is a benzoyl peroxide medication that is very useful for mild acne.

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It becomes more difficult when you are faced with acne on your chest and back because it is hard to get the topical medications there without some help. In addition, it seems that this one medication may not be enough for you. The next step up from benzoyl peroxide is topical retinoids and low dose oral antibiotics. The antibiotics kill the bacteria that grow in the pores that cause these pimples. Taking a medication by mouth makes it so the medication reaches all parts of the body including the back and chest. Since your acne seems fairly severe, you may benefit from consultation with a dermatologist. They can prescribe some of the newer medication and can follow your progression to make sure that your acne is under control. Some day you may become a candidate to take Accutane, the most effective of all acne medications. It is only used in severe circumstances because it does carry some unwanted side effects.

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