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"Will my birth control implant impact my ability to conceive after it has been removed?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my birth control implant impact my ability to conceive after it has been removed?


I am a 25 year old woman with an implanon birth control implant. I have had it a total of 4 years (replaced after 3 with a new one). I am otherwise healthy with no outstanding reproductive concerns. I do not have any current plans to try to become pregnant, but I have heard that the implant can cause women to have difficulty becoming pregnant after it has been removed. I am not taking any other medications.


Implanon is one of the many birth control options on the market that are extremely effective and require very low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for many women. While there are no known or documented side effects about this medication keeping you from becoming pregnant, there is anectdotal evidence from some people that you have spoken to that makes you concerned. There are reasons that this could be, as it does take your body some amount of time to return to the normal menstrual cycle that had been the norm for most of your life. Additionally, as many people will leave the implanon in position for several years, it is notable that the female body does naturally have a decreased ability to procreate over time. That it, a 35 year old woman will not be as fertile as a 20 year woman, which could account for some of the stories that you have heard, as this is a birth control that is often used for long stretches of time that would normally accompany decreasing fertility in and of itself. This and all questions about any medications that you are using are best addressed with the prescribing physician and by reading the package insert of any medication. And finally, please remember that implanon will not prevent the transmission of STDs.

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