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"will there be a non-drug solution to my IBS?"


I am a 45 year old white male. I have been diagnosed with IBS since september of 2007. I have tried the anti-spasmodic drug prescribed to me, but it only stops me up and gives me cramps. I am trying many natural solutions including turmeric, peppermint, diet, exercise and mineral water, which helps to some extent, but not enough.


I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). As you know irritable bowel syndrome is a condition in which abdominal pain and cramping occur at unpredictable intervals, sometimes with either diarrhea or constipation as well. Although there are a few drugs that are used specifically to treat irritable bowel syndrome, the majority of treatment options for the condition are in fact related to diet, exercise, and other lifestyle methods.

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This is because irritable bowel syndrome probably involves changes in the way certain individuals interpret their internal physical stimuli, and so stress, fatigue, and similar factors play a major role. Many people with IBS find that certain foods are triggers for their symptoms. This is highly variable from person to person, but you should keep track of any associations and gradually try to make changes to your diet. Many people with IBS find that increasing their fiber intake, either through food or through a fiber supplement, can be very helpful. In addition to increasing your general activity level, specifically exercise and activities which encourage calm, meditation, or relaxation can be helpful. Getting plenty of sleep is also critical. Talk to your primary care doctor for more suggestions!

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