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"Why do my gums bleed without brushing my teeth?"


Randomly my gums would start to bleed a little even when im not brushing them. is this a sign of gingivitis?


It is possible that gingivitis could be the cause of your problem, but bleeding of the gums without any trauma could represent a potentially serious underlying disorder and should be evaluated by your primary care physician. Gingivitis more typically causes bleeding on the toothbrush with even minimal and light brushing. You should have your blood counts checked to make sure that you do not have a very low platelet count or another type of functional clotting disorder, which could predispose to easy bleeding and bruising.

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Bleeding gums can also be a sign of scurvy, which is a problem caused by a severe deficiency of vitamin C. This could be the cause of your symptoms if you follow a very poor diet low particularly low in citrus. If your blood tests look OK and your doctor thinks the symptoms are more likely caused by gingivitis, then you should seek further care from your dentist or a periodontist.

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