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"Why are there red bumps on the bottom of my tongue?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are there red bumps on the bottom of my tongue?


I'm a 19 male who has just recently discovered these unsightly red bumps on the bottom of my tongue. They just began appearing a few weeks ago, and have now begun to multiply. There are probably close to a hundred of them. I have not done anything to medicate it, and I am not currently taken medication. Should I see a doctor or a dentist?


Either a doctor or a dentist would be an excellent place to start to discuss these new red bumps on the underside of your tongue. In general, any new bumps that continue to develop and multiply should be seen by a health professional. Your dentist might be able to see you quickly and offer some excellent options. Alternatively, either your primary care doctor (if it is a simple problem) or an ear-nose-and throat surgeon (aka otolaryngologist) would be able to guide you with further treatment recommendations and give you an outline about what you can expect from these bumps in the future. The fact that you mention that the number of bumps continues to multiply makes me suspect that you could possibly have some sort of infection, but you don't mention if the bumps are sore, how big they are, or any other details that might add value to your question. Additionally, it would be important to know if you have any other known medical conditions, as they could be a sign of something else entirely.

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