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"Why did the Parvo Virus cause so many health problems with my body?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy did the Parvo Virus cause so many health problems with my body?


I am 43, male, 5'10", 220lbs. I contracted Parvo Virus last August, and it has ruined my life. It has left me with an intense bone pain, fatigued, weak, and not able to work. If I try to do any activity, the next day I am stuck on the couch, not able to move. I am taking Cymbalta to help with the pain, I am taking two different immunity boosting supplements, and a handful of vitamins. I am not able to work.


Wow, this sounds like a horrible reaction to this infection. I have to say, this is a very unusual situation. It is extremely rare for a Parvo virus infection to do anything in adults that have a normal immune system. In fact, if you are/were otherwise healthy, I would argue that it is unlikely that the parvovirus infection is at all responsible for what you are experiencing. Parvo causes symptoms in young children and can be detrimental to a fetus if a pregnant women is exposed. Thus, unless it has been proven by a physician you see that this is the only possible cause of your symptoms, I would say you need a full workup for generalized fatigue. My second thought is that you may be overdosing on supplements. Certain vitamins, especially vitamin A, D, and vitamin E all have the potential to cause adverse reactions when taking in excess. If you are taking an immune system boosting supplement, and a "handful" of vitamins, I am really worried about one of the hypervitaminosis syndromes. More, is not always better when it comes to vitamins I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The two of you need to make sure that all other stones have been overturned in looking for the cause of your pain and fatigue. In addition, you should discuss what supplements are safe to take. Good luck.

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