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"What can I do to get taller faster?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do to get taller faster?


I am thirteen, and I am a girl. I drink milk about 3 times a day, and I don't seem any taller. I also used to eat vitamins, but I recently stopped. I am 5 foot 1" I am not getting much taller. If I stretch, will I get taller? Also, does the amount of sleep i get every night affect the way I grow? What can i do to grow taller within' a few weeks?


Height is governed by many factors most of which are genetic. In other words, your height is determined mostly by how tall your parents are and other factors that you inherit from them. Basically the way it works is that your genes determine how tall you can be, and from there your diet, lifestyle and overall health does the rest. For most people, eating a balanced diet and getting enough vitamins will help you reach your maximum height, but it won't get you taller. In other words, drinking more milk and consuming more vitamins won't make you taller. Also, stretching won't make you taller. As long as you're getting 7-8 hours per night of sleep, this will not effect your height either. Finally, there is not anything you can do within a few weeks that can change your height other than wearing higher shoes (sorry). I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or family doctor, whoever you see for your checkups. You can discuss what your estimated height should be (based on your parents) and see how close you are to this. You can also review your diet to make sure you are getting adequate nutrients to make sure you reach your maximum height. Good luck.

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