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"Why am I tired every day even after lots of sleep?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I tired every day even after lots of sleep?


I am a 28-year-old mother of four. I am tired some days from lack of sleep, but even when I get plenty of sleep I still feel exhausted. I can sleep for eight or more hours and not feel rested. I get dizzy spells during the day, and cannot focus on anything. My appetite has gone down because of how tired I feel.


Your symptoms sound significant enough that you should discuss them with your primary care doctor soon rather than waiting to see if they will go away. While there are many things that can cause fatigue, the addition of dizzy spells and changes in your diet are causes for concern. Some common problems that can cause fatigue include thyroid issues, which are more common in people with a family or personal history of thyroid complaints. Often, people will feel more cold than those around them, will gain weight due to decreased metabolism, and will have dry skin. Depression can also be a cause of fatigue, and can affect every part of your life. Poor sleep, decreased appetite, decreased desire to engage in pleasurable activities, and other symptoms can also be present and identify depression as a likely cause of fatigue. Other medical conditions such as diabetes can also add to tiredness, and are also more common in those with a family history of the same. Given the huge breadth of possible causes and the fact that your symptoms of fatigue are affecting your diet and you are having an additional symptom as well (feeling dizzy), please discuss your concerns with your doctor soon.

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