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"Why even with taking antibiotics is my Hidradenitis still active and rupturing?"


I have had Hidradenitis since 1994 approximately and officially diagnosed in 1999. I have had several operations to remove diseased tissue and infected glands. I have lost all hope for any kind of real cure. Recently I have had issues with developing resistencies to antibiotics to the point I have been hospitalized in near death situations with sepsis infections. Without antibiotics, my condition is much worse, but with them I can't seem to get any real control over it. If I take the antibiotic too long I develop resistancies to it. I feel like I am living in a catch 22.


I am very sorry to hear that you are dealing with such a complicated case of this condition. Unfortunately, resistances to antibiotics is a common problem in any condition where chronic antibiotics are needed. Not knowing your case well I am not sure what exactly has been tried so far, but I have some basic suggestions.

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First, given how complicated this has become, your antibiotic regimen should be managed by a specialist in infectious diseases. These doctors are expert in dealing with antibiotic resistances and chronic infections, and if you do not currently have an infectious disease doctor, you should get a referral to see one. Second, complicated cases of hidradenitis often require, in addition to surgery and antibiotics, medications to reduce the inflammation. These could be steroids, or they could be immune suppressing medications. You should talk to the surgeons and other doctors who are managing your case to see if they have considered these options for you. Finally, some cases of hidradentis will also respond in part to anti androgen therapy. Taking an anti androgen will alter the chemistry of the sweat glands and may help resolve some of the inflammation as well. You should talk to your doctors about this option.

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