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"Is laser eye surgery a good idea for me?"


I am a professional photographer and cinematographer, so I rely heavily on my eyesight. My sight has never been perfect, but I can see very well without glasses and so in the past I've been advised to only wear my glasses when experiencing particularly bad vision due to fatigue or dryness in my eyes. I have an astigmatism and slowly reacting focus muscles in one eye, and the other has very good vision across all ranges (typically being prescribed no correction). With both eyes on a good day I see very well, and on a bad day I see blurry in the middle range (2 to 100 yards). I also typically have to use the 'incorrect' eye on equipment as my right eye is the one with vision problems and most equipment is set up for that eye to be the primary one used. I've often been warned away from laser vision correction because I rely so heavily on my eyes, but there are advancements in the field all the time.


It sounds like you are a somewhat complicated case that would do well to speak, in person, with an ophthalmologist. Many of the doctors that do LASIK surgery offer free consultations, and would be able to advise you about whether or not you are a good candidate. While the risks are low, there is always some risk associated with any medical procedure, and it is good to understand these fully.

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Some people will choose to operate on only one eye at a time, specifically for that reason, and you might be someone who would do well with that approach. Another concern is the dry eyes that you mention, as dry eyes is one reason that some people do not do well with LASIK. During the surgery, some of the nerves in the middle of the eye are cut, which tends to make people have even more dryness after the surgery than they did before. Finally, you are correct in saying that there are advancements that make the procedure even less risky today than it was years ago. Additionally, the fact that it has been performed for so many years has given many ophthalmologists extra experience that makes them even more facile. Please speak with a reputable ophthalmologist for more personal advice suited to your situation.

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