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"What is the average weight and BMI is for someone the same height, age and gender as me? "


I am a twenty three year old female from Illinois. I am five feet three inches tall and I weight one hundred and eighty pounds. I know I am overweight and have been getting on track with living a healthier life. My entire life I have gained and lost weight every few years, somethings getting to as little as one hundred and fifteen pounds, and up to two hundred at my heaviest.


BMI is a metric that can be readily calculated from your height and weight, and there are many calculators online that will be useful in making your calculation. Using one online resource, your BMI was calculated to be just almost 32 (just try googling the phrase "BMI calculator" to able to do this yourself). This would mean that you are clinically obese, which, of course, is a sign that the extra weight that you are carrying could be affecting your health.

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BMI is used by insurance companies and other groups in calculating your overall health and longevity. While there are many complaints that it does not account for select groups of people (such as those with increased muscle mass including athletes), it has been proven to be an excellent predictor of well-being when used at a macro, or population based, level. Ideally, someone who is 5 feet 3 inches tall would weight about 140 lbs, which would be a BMI of just about 25. Unfortunately, America as a whole has had a much increased rate of obesity recently, which is contributing to our increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. There are many programs available to help people lose weight, and your primary care doctor would welcome the opportunity to discuss long term, healthy, options to help you reach your optimal weight.

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