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"I am 39 weeks pregnant - why are my feet so itchy every morning?"


I'm 39 weeks pregnant with my first child. Everything has gone just fine during my pregnancy until this past week when I have woken up every morning with unbearably itchy feet. My feet aren't swollen, I am not taking any medications other than prenatal vitamins, and have had no other health problems to speak of. Is this normal or is it something I need to mention to my ob/gyn on my next visit?


Itchy skin during pregnancy is common, and can be especially distressing later in the pregnancy when things are already so uncomfortable! If the itching is confined to your feet, and if you do not notice any swollen, red, or other sore-like areas then there is probably not much to worry about. This sort of itching is probably related to changes in hormone levels and it should go away after your delivery. On the other hand if you do notice any areas of your skin that look like they have bug bites, hives, or other marks then you should mention this to your OB GYN doctor, as these may be signs of one of several skin condition associated with pregnancy that could require closer monitoring or better treatment to relieve symptoms.

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Rarely, itching of the skin can be the result of liver or gall bladder problems. Generally the itching is more all over the body, but if you have a history of gall bladder problems either before or during this pregnancy then you might want to mention this as well to your OB GYN doctor. As always, any concerning symptoms or changes should be communicated to your doctor. Congratulations on nearly completing the pregnancy!

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