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"How much does being induced raise your chances of having a c-section during labor?"

ZocdocAnswersHow much does being induced raise your chances of having a c-section during labor?


I just turned 25 and my husband and I have a baby on the way. We hired a midwife for our labor and delivery and just love to hear the phrase... "Baby will come when baby comes". Well, baby hasn't come and we're well over our due date and we're certain on date of conception. Will having an inducement to promote delivery greatly increase my chances of a c-section? If so, why and how much exactly? Are there precautions that can be made to reduce those chances? Aside from not having one at all.


This is a great question for which we have good answers. The answer to your question depends on several factors. First and foremost, the answer to this question depends on if you have previously had kids. If you have had kids, then induction of labor does not increase your chances of C-section. If this is your first child, then induction of labor makes it twice as likely that you will deliver by C-section. However, take the last sentence with a grain of salt. This data includes a lot of women who are induced at their due date for no other reason. You are over the due date. This means that your likelihood of needing a C-section is already higher. The other factor that is important is the nature of your cervix. Having an unfavorable cervix makes the likelihood of C-section after induction higher as well. Because you are over your due date, and it appears that you may not go into labor spontaneously, I highly encourage you to seek consultation with an OBGYN. It is important for you to have a relationship with an OBGYN in case C-section becomes indicated. You don't want to just let nature take its course without observation by a qualified physician because nature taking its course can sometimes be a very bad thing. Good luck.

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