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"Can I get a refill on my meds if I am from out of state?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get a refill on my meds if I am from out of state?


I need a refill on medications and I am from out of state. Can a doctor give me the medication?


The answer to your question depends largely on your doctor's personal policy, the laws that govern the State you are traveling in, and the type of medicine that you are trying to get refilled. Narcotic medications cannot be refilled in that way. In most instances, your doctor can call the a pharmacy near where you are. The pharmacist will verify that the doctor has a medical license through their national registry. This may be easier if you use a national chain pharmacy, which one is not important. The doctor can tell the pharmacist the type of drug, dosing, and precautions that are specific for you. This should be all that needs to happen for you to get your prescription refilled. The first step will be for you to call your doctor's office and let them know that you need this refill. Most offices have a system where you can leave a message and the doctor gets back to you for the re-fill. Just make sure you let them know the phone number of the pharmacy where you want to pick up your prescription. If this is a medicine for which you must take or you get very sick and you cannot get a hold of your doctor, then you should go to the emergency room. I hope that helped.

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