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"Heavy bleeding withs clot for more than 2 days. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersHeavy bleeding withs clot for more than 2 days. What should I do?


I'm 45 years old,for the last year i have been bleeding heavy with some clots ,but this time is the first, that i really feel weak.The bleeding has become even heavier this month.Today i took 2 iron pills with my breakfast and pretty much stay in bed.Will someone tell me what i need to do? Thank You


You should go to the emergency department or an urgent care center for evaluation immediately. If you feel too weak to get out of bed, then call an ambulance or a friend to help you. Heavy menstrual bleeding is common in women, and can be due to changes in the uterine lining, anatomical problems such as fibroids, and systemic bleeding problems due to low platelets or clotting factors. Very rarely, bleeding can be the first indication of uterine cancer. More urgently, bleeding to the point that you feel tired and unable to get out of bed is a very serious problem. Your blood counts could be dangerously low, and if you continue to bleed you could develop problems with your heart rate or blood pressure. You should call your doctor or go into the emergency room to have your blood levels checked as soon as possible. There are medications which can stop the bleeding, and you will likely need an ultrasound to determine why you are bleeding so much.

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