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"How can I get rid of the constant itching I'm experiencing between my fingers?"


I'm a 34 year old woman, in good health. I have no food or other allergies. Lately I have had a really bad itching between my fingers--not on my hands or anywhere else--just in between my fingers. I have not changed my dishwashing detergent or bath items at all. This is so bad that I wake up at night sometimes scratching my hands. Can you tell me what might be causing this?


This pattern of itching is very suspicious for a scabies infection. Scabies is a common parasite which can burrow itself underneath the skin and hide out. Most of the time, the size of the bugs are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

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However, they do make red markings where they have entered the skin which are very distinct and can be spotted easily by a professional. Scabies can cause itching anywhere in the body, but it loves the webbed area between the fingers. In some circumstances, the itching can be isolated to only the webbed area between the fingers. In addition, the itching is almost always worse at night and can be so severe that it wakes people from sleep. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she can take a detailed history of your itching symptoms examine your fingers and the rest of your body closely. The doctor will likely be able to make a diagnosis with just this. If it is scabies, then you will need a prescription for a cream that you can use to kill the parasites. The cream only needs to be used a few times and is very highly effective. Good luck.

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