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"Should I avoid resting after suffering a concussion"

ZocdocAnswersShould I avoid resting after suffering a concussion


I suffered a concussion on a bicycle wreck. I was told i should not go to sleep or take a nap soon after.what are the risks associated with it?


The reason that you are advised not to take a nap right after suffering a concussion is to be able to monitor your mental status for a period of time to make sure nothing serious is occurring. Some serious brain injuries can seem to be nothing more than a concussion, but can then start to make people feel very drowsy. This drowsiness can be a sign of something much more serious, such as increased intracranial pressure (ICP), that can be either a cause or symptom of serious brain injury. Additionally, after suffering any head injury it is important to watch for changes in your ability to perform normal activities such as moving your eyes and tongue. Some of the earliest signs that you might have more than just a simple concussion include changes in your physical exam findings, such as an inability to see clearly, speak properly, or changes in how much your pupils are dilated. Obviously, these are all difficult to assess if you go to sleep immediately after the injury. Please discuss all of these questions with your doctor, as well as how long you should avoid strenuous activity after your concussion. We are learning more and more that even simple concussions can have long term consequences when not treated appropriately.

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