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"My right contact towards the end of use always irratates my eye. Why?"


I am a thirty year old man, with no allergies that I know of. I wear night and day contacts.They can be kept in for thirty days straight. I take them out about twice in that period of time and try to clean them and get protein off the lenses. The right one always gets a white spec pattern on it blocking my vision. When I was about 15 I got three ulcers on my right eye from not taking care of my contacts and almost lost my vision. Could that have something to do with my present problem? I am not taking any medications.


This sounds like it is worth having checked out by your eye doctor, especially given your history of previously having ulcers on your cornea. Whenever contact wearers have disturbances in their vision, I am concerned that they may have an evolving infection or irritation of the cornea. This can be quite urgent, and so I advise seeing your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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They will be able to examine your cornea with their microscope to see what is going on. In the meantime, it is advisable not to wear your contacts and to switch to eyeglasses until you figure out what is going on. In addition to infection and irritation, another possibility is that you have developed some scarring of the cornea from your prior issues. Your eye doctor would also be able to comment on this possibility. Finally, it is possible that you are overwearing your contact. People with sensitive eyes and a history of eye problems with contacts should not always wear their contacts all day and night even though the lenses are made for that, because extended wear can lead to quicker protein buildup, which can cause scratches or further problems with the cornea. Talk to your eye doctor about these symptoms and about what you should do.

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