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"Can hemorrhoids disappear on their own?"


I'm a 33 year old mother who is suffering from hemorrhoids. I noticed them during my first pregnancy. After giving birth, I saw my doctor and was advised that my problem would go away. They never went away and have gotten worse since the birth of my second child. They do not persistently bother me, but do bother me during bowel movements. I recently finished breast feeding, thus I had not tried any over the counter medications. I am very embarrassed to see my doctor about this. Can hemorrhoids disappear on their own?


Hemorrhoids are an unfortunate side effect of growing older for many people, meaning that they are incredibly common. Unfortunately, they also are commonly found, or exacerbated, during pregnancy and childbirth. They are inflamed and clotted veins in your anal area, and, as such, the inflammation and clotting can wax and wane, which is what your doctor meant by saying that they would go away by themselves with time.

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Large, firm and/or painful bowel movements will generally exacerbate the problem, which is why high fiber diets with plenty of fluid intake is excellent at decreasing the symptoms because these will cause the stool to be more loose. Sitz baths or soaking in warm water will also help to soothe your symptoms, both by decreasing the bacterial load as well as calming the inflammation. There are many other creams, ointments, and products that can also be used. Ultimately, if the problem bothers you more, you can discuss surgical treatment options as well. In the meantime, please don't be embarrassed, as hemorrhoids are VERY common, especially among child bearing women. An honest discussion with your physician will offer you the best chance of long term symptom management, and help you to address other medical concerns with him or her as well.

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