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"Cause and cure for constant burping?"

ZocdocAnswersCause and cure for constant burping?


I'm in my mid 30s. For the past several years, I've been prone to constant burping, between 20-30 times a day. It starts as soon as I wak up and happens throughout the day. I've been to two different GIs and ruled out IBS, GERD and Lactose Intolerance. I don't have other symptons. Any insight would be helpful.


This is a terribly unfortunate problem to be dealing with even after having talked to multiple gastroenterologists. There are several things that can cause burping (eructation, in doctor speak), some of which have already been ruled out according to what we know so far. I would also be interested in knowing if you are having other symptoms, as those might be a clue in the right direction. Another question would be if anyone in your family has similar complaints, or any other bowel disorders that might be clues. Finally, I would be interested in knowing if you are having increased flatulence (passing gas from below) as well, or if it is just the burping. Chronic eructation with no obvious cause often stems from people who swallow air (aerophagia) as they drink carbonated beverages, smoke, chew gum, or gulp their food. In many people, the gas just goes into the esophagus rather than all the way. The treatment thus consists of helping patients avoid those behaviors listed so as to try to decrease the gas. In another subset of patients, treating anxiety can help to decrease the symptoms as well, as the belching can become a habit. By talking to your doctor's office beforehand, you can sometimes find out if the specialist you will be visiting has experience with your specific problem, in this case, chronic eructation.

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