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"Can I get a blood test for celiac disease and wheat allergy?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get a blood test for celiac disease and wheat allergy?


I would like a test quickly so that I can know to stop eating wheat.


Yes, there are several blood tests for celiac disease, although the results often take a week or so to be reported. If you are having symptoms of wheat intolerance, then you should cut all gluten out of your diet and make an appointment to see your primary care physician to discuss your concerns. Celiac disease is a fairly common cause of gastrointestinal symptoms within certain ethnic groups, and your doctor will discuss your risk factors with you and review your symptoms. People with gluten intolerance often have other vitamin deficiencies and anemia in addition to gastrointestinal symptoms, which your physician may test for if appropriate. If you feel much better when avoiding all gluten products, that will be an important clue to your doctor about the likelihood that you have celiac disease. The best test for celiac disease is an endoscopic biopsy, in which a gastroenterologist uses a camera to look into your stomach and take a sample of your small intestine to be evaluated by a pathologist. If your symptoms are very typical of celiac disease but your blood work is normal, your doctor may recommend an endoscopy to ensure that it is not a false negative test result.

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