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"What kind of doctor should I see about my mouth infection?"


I am 29 year old male. I have got a mouth infection.


It depends on the type of mouth infection. If it is a localized area of swelling, especially if it is related to your gums or a tooth, then you should start with a general dentist, who can determine the cause of the problem and refer you to a oral surgeon if necessary. If it is a general infection covering your tongue, tonsils, back of your throat, lips, or elsewhere, then you should schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor, who can evaluate the infection and your medical history to determine what diagnostic tests and treatment would be appropriate.

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If the infection is associated with severe throat pain, drooling, or difficulty breathing then you should go to the emergency department for a more rapid evaluation. There are many reasons for mouth infections, ranging from medication side effects, immunosuppression, dental caries, infectious diseases, and autoimmune conditions. Your past medical history, medications, social risk factors, and presenting symptoms will all determine the appropriate diagnostic and treatment strategy.

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