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How long after removing my IUD should I wait to get pregnant?

I am a 31 year old mother of one. I had my IUD in for almost two years. I currently take celexa and adderall. I would like to start trying to get pregnant as soon as possible, without risking my health or the baby's.
You can get pregnant immediately after having your IUD removed, without any risk to yourself or a potential baby due to the IUD. However, prior to becoming pregnant it is essential that you meet with your primary care doctor to discuss your medications. Both adderall and celexa may have adverse effects on a potential pregnancy, so you must discuss the risks and benefits of these medications with your physician and determine if there are any safer substitutions. These effects can occur before you even know you are pregnant, so it is essential that you schedule this appointment prior to having your IUD removed. At the preconception appointment, your physician will also review your family history, nutrition status, and pregnancy history to determine if there are any other changes you should make prior to becoming pregnant. Most importantly, you should be taking a multivitamin with 400mg of folate and iron, stop smoking, and stop drinking alcohol prior to becoming pregnant. You and your partner should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and you may need vaccinations to protect you from influenza, pertussis, or other infectious diseases.
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