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"Why is my teeth so sensitive after my braces were taken off?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my teeth so sensitive after my braces were taken off?


I'm a 21 yr old mother of 1. I recently had my braces taken off a few months ago. My teeth are more sensitive before I had braces put on. If I eat anything too hot or too cold, it makes my teeth hurt. Should i go see a dentist asap?


I would recommend that you see a dentist, or alternatively the orthodontist that placed and removed your braces. While this likely is not an urgent or serious condition, this requires evaluation. Sensitive teeth is a common condition. What exactly causes sensitive teeth is not always completely understood. One common cause is the degeneration of the enamel surrounding the teeth. This exposes the nerve roots in the teeth and therefore the nerves are more sensitive to the environment. Therefore, with less shielding (less enamel), the nerves feel more extreme cold if you eat anything cold (or more extreme heat if you eat something hot) and this can be interpreted as pain. This can happen from a number of causes, but the mechanical removal of enamel that occurs during a orthodontics removal is not impossible. In fact, there is often some enamel damage that is seen. Normally it is not severe, but your teeth should be evaluated to ensure there is nothing else that is occurring. Often, people experience this after braces while their mouth, lips and gums are getting used to the new geometry of the mouth. Think of it this way, when you first put on your watch you feel it, but after awhile your body gets used to it and you forget its there. The removal of the braces should eventually be "gotten used to." Gum infections can also do this rarely. Please see a dentist as soon as possible.

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