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"What is enlarged optic nerves?"


My son is 7 first vistit to eye doctor. He was having problems with headaches so i thought this would be my first stop to see if he needed glasses. Well he does and his vision is bad and was informed that his optic nevers in eyes were elevated and wanted to send to pediatrition i am not sure what that means he takes no meds and in good health


The optic nerves are the nerves that allow human beings to see. They come into the eyeball at the very back of the eye, and are able to be seen when the optometrist or other health care professional uses special equipment to look into the back of the eye because the material in the eye itself is transparent. The appearance of this nerve gives professionals an excellent idea as to the health of the nerve, and can thus sometimes be a cause for alarm.

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Changes in the way that the nerve looks could indicate a number of different processes that are occurring and could potentially affect the vision of your son. Additionally, the nerve can allow doctors to have some sort of idea as to the health of your son's brain, specifically with regards to the pressure within the brain itself. As multiple things can cause the optic nerve to appear larger than it should be, the key is to follow the counsel of your optometrist and take your son to a pediatrician immediately. Your pediatrician will be able to review the findings of the optometrist, perform additional testing that might be required, and then make recommendations or referrals as needed.

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