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Why do I have warts on my toes?

I am a high school senior in sports like track and swimming. Over the last year I have found I have been getting more and more warts on my toes. I am not sure what is causing this and it is getting pretty bad. I have not talked to a doctor or anything like that yet either. I am not taking any medications.
Warts, or verrucae as they are called by doctors, are caused by an extremely common virus strain of the human papillomavirus family. Given that they are so incredibly common, almost everyone has been exposed to these at some time, although continued exposure makes you more likely to develop them in again. If you have had tissue that has been macerated or wounded in the past, that skin is more likely to develop warts in the future, and so perhaps that could help to explain why you are getting them more on your feet. If you are sharing a joint locker room and walking barefoot in that setting, that could be one common source of how the virus is shared. Fortunately, there are many therapies available. As some of them can cause you to be sore, it might be worth discussing with your doctor when the best time would be to have them removed (perhaps after track season is over). Avoid touching your feet and then other parts of your body to try and decrease the spread to other body parts. While warts often go away on their own within 2 years, your doctor can help you move this process along.
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