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" Would a dermatologist determine if there is an underlying cause to a returning rash?"

ZocdocAnswers Would a dermatologist determine if there is an underlying cause to a returning rash?


I am wondering if a laundromat could be a contributor to this situation!


Rashes that last for a long time or recur frequently are definitely something that you can talk to your doctor about! However, if you have never seen a doctor about this, it is very unlikely that you need to go right to a dermatologist. This is because most primary care doctors are very capable of handling the diagnosis and treatment of most rashes. When you set up an appointment with your doctor, it is best to try to think about anything that might be associated with the rash, as this will help to narrow the diagnosis and the necessary treatment, if any. For example, you mention that you think it might have something to do with a laundromat. Does this mean you break out when exposed to certain kinds of soap? If so, it could be an allergic reaction or simply contact irritation. Do you find that the rash is worse in the winter and that you itch when you get out of the shower? If so, then eczema is the most likely player. And so on! The good news is that there is almost certainly a good solution for you, just set up an appointment with your primary care doctor!

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