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"Why does the left side of my neck hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does the left side of my neck hurt?


I am a 21 year old full time mother of two i have had this pain on and off for weeks its not really my neck but where my pulse is in the left side


In isolation, any symptom is difficult to diagnose as part of anything else. For that reason, speaking with the primary care doctor who knows you well and is able to follow you for a long period of time is optimal for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of concerning symptoms, and so you should speak with him or her. A complete review of all the causes of neck pain are beyond the scope of this forum, but some common causes include muscle strains and pulls (especially if you are a full time mom!), upper respiratory tract infections, local trauma such as a bump that you might have forgotten, or similar things. The saying in medicine is that, "common things are common," and so it is unlikely that your pain is due to any serious or rare cause. That being said, there are also numerous things that could be more dangerous to your health, and so it is important to discuss your personal health history, your current medications, and your family history, in addition to making sure that you have a physical exam. If you have noted any loss of consciousness, dizziness, inability to speak, or other symptoms, then you should speak to a physician immediately.

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