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"Why do I keep getting eye pain in the top half of my eye? "


I keep having to close eyes and roll them and I do it constantly. My eyes get so red. It feels like allergies, but at the same time I think it just my eyes. When I go to my friends house, they get so much better. I do use the computer a lot and I use a huge screen, but I really am no t sure what it is. I use a computer at my friends to. What is making my eyes so bad from a computer. I t hurts even if I go out.


If you are having eye pain that is affecting you this severely, you should see a doctor. While it is likely to be something simple and not very serious, it is obviously affecting your quality of life, and, most importantly, you can't be too careful with your eyes. Your question does give some clues about what could be the cause, however.

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The fact that your eyes don't seem to bother you when you are at another house make it seem more likely that you are experiencing the effects of an allergy. Have you recently changed or added anything new, such as a new pet, that you might be allergic too? Do you have other seasonal or other allergies in general? Allergies can cause inflammation in many of your tissues, and the gentle surfaces of your eyes are not immune from reacting to many common allergens. The fact that spring is approaching would make it seem quite possible that allergies are to blame as well. Try showering right before bed, including washing your hair, and change your bedding regularly. Additionally, there are many over the counter anti-histamines that might be beneficial. Please speak with your primary care doctor or an ophthalmologist if your symptoms continue.

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