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I am an eighteen year old female with a history of depression and anxiety. For the past few months however, I have felt sick. I have started feeling very sick to my stomach along which consists of indigestion, nausea, burping, sometimes diarrhea. Actually for the longest time I was constipated. It hurt so terribly bad to go to the bathroom and sometimes I would bleed a little. Then I switched to a diet that is pretty high in fiber and my stools turned much softer. The nausea has not really let up at all this month. It is unbearable and I have no appetite whatsoever. I also am experiencing chills, however, I do not have a fever. I am very curious and kind of worried. I don't know what's wrong with me but I need some type of relief from this nausea...I cannot function at all when I feel like this. Do you have any recommendations for medication for the nausea??


You should see your primary care doctor to discuss your concerns. In the meantime, a medication such as pepto-bismol or crystallized ginger may help with your nausea. Constipation is a common cause of nausea, because of backup through your intestinal tract. However, there are other causes of nausea including endocrine disorders, infections, and dietary problems which your doctor will be able to screen for during your appointment. A complete physical exam will also assist with diagnosis. Gastrointestinal symptoms can often be a symptom of anxiety or other psychiatric disease, so you should discuss your mood and lifestyle with your physician as well. Finally, pregnancy is a common reason for nausea in young women, so you should tell your physician about any sexual activity and the date of your last menstrual period.

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