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"Why does my liver hurt when i am lifting weights or running?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my liver hurt when i am lifting weights or running?


I am 21 years old with no bad medical history. I only suffer from seasonal allergies. The problem that i have is that when i put pressure on my chest or run alittle my liver starts to hurt when i breath. This is happening everyday when i go to the gym. I am not taking any medication or any pre workouts.


What you are experiencing is a side stitch. These occur for unclear reasons but may be related to compression of the liver or irritation of the diaphragm during exercise. As long as the stitch does not occur at rest but only with exercise then it is completely benign and not really a medical problem. The main ways of dealing with side stitches are modifying the ways that you are exercising. You could trying doing lower impact or less intense exercises and building up slowly as your fitness level improves. You should also make sure to stretch and warm up properly before beginning exercise. Also make sure not to eat or drink several hours before exercises, as having a full stomach is a major source of side stitches for many people. You should also talk to your personal trainer if you have one at your gym. This is because many personal trainers have advice on different breathing exercises or exercise modification techniques that you can use to improve the side stitches. If you are not having any luck with these approaches or if the pain worsens, you could also set up a visit with your primary care doctor to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

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