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"Why does my wrist hurt when i twist it?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my wrist hurt when i twist it?


I'm a 21 year old female who works in the medical field as a Nurse's Assistant. I work 6-7 days a week and I do a large amount of lifting where I work. I have pain in my right wrist every time I twist it that has not gone away for over a month now. What should I be doing about this? The only medications I'm taking are insulin for my type 1 diabetes.


You should see your primary care doctor, as the fact that your work is so physically demanding suggests that the pain in your wrist may be related to some injury that you have sustained. Your doctor will be able to examine your wrist closely and help you pinpoint where the pain is coming from. One of the most common causes of wrist pain is something called carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a repetitive motion injury sustained from performing some damaging motion over and over. When this occur, a nerve running down the inside surface of the wrist becomes compressed just at the point where the wrist becomes the palm of the hand. This leads to pain, weakness, and numbness and tingling, sometimes constantly and sometimes just with certain movements. The pain is typically focused in the thumb, index finger and middle finger and the part of the palm of the hand between them. The treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, once it is diagnosed, includes antiinflammatory medications like ibuprofen, rest, and splinting of the wrist and hand with a special splint. Your doctor can determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, of if your wrist pain is coming from another source.

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