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"Why is my hair falling out?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my hair falling out?


I am a 28-year-old female. I know that people loose hair every day, but mine is just falling out. When I brush it, it fills the brush with hair that came out. When I shower, the drain gets clogged. I am having to clean the drain every day. Baldness does not run in my family, and I am not that old yet. It seems to be falling out from all over my head, not just one spot or area. I do not why and do not know what to do. My doctor has run blood tests, but there were no unusual results.


I am glad to hear that you have had some blood tests run already. Whenever hair loss is occurring diffusely (all over the head) rather than just in one or a few spots, the first step is to rule out some medical problem. The most common medical problems that can cause hair loss are iron deficiency and problems with the thyroid gland, and these are presumably the blood tests that you have already had done. If those tests check out, then the likely cause of your hair loss is something called telogen effluvium. This is basically a condition in which the natural cycle of growth and falling out of the hairs of the head is disrupted, so that all the hairs become synchronized with each other and start to fall out all at the same time (normally the cycle is staggered so that you only loose a certain number of hairs per day). Telogen effluvium is usually caused by some 'shock' which gets all the hairs to line up on the same cycle, usually a serious infection or other medical illness, but also stress and psychological shock can do it. Generally treatment is not needed and the condition resolves on its own, but see your doctor if you have concerns or questions.

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