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"What could cause a tingling sensation in my left pinky, ring finger and palm?"


I'm a 20 year old female. Lately its been a lot worse, when I bend my left arm for longer than 10 seconds it starts to tingle and go numb. When I rest my chin on my left palm it also starts to go nope. No medications, no prior history of medical problems. I have yet to do anything about this but it is getting increasingly worse and I am hoping it does not effect my ability to write as I am left handed.


The symptoms that you are describing could possibly result from carpal tunnel syndrome, and should be discussed with your primary care doctor and possibly a specialist in orthopedic surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome results when one of the main nerves that supplies your hand becomes affected. Generally, the tunnel through which this nerve passes will narrow for reasons of inflammation or other chronic issues.

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As the tunnel narrows, the delicate nerve is compressed and thins out. This thinning out is representative of atrophy, or nerve weakening, and can continue to progress to weakness and disability. There are certain simple tests that can be performed to determine if you are having compression of your nerve, and your primary care doctor will be able to do these, and also refer you to an appropriate surgeon if the need arises. Surgery will generally entail techniques designed to increase the area surrounding the nerve so that it is not affected. Your doctor will likely discuss other issues with you as well, given that 20 years old is relatively young to be having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. As other medical problems can predispose people to this condition or similar symptoms caused by a different reason, please speak to him or her soon.

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